Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Statement of Purpose

Here's the thing, I have had terrible results at online poker. Don't get me wrong I've had some good results thrown in, I've won several 45 player sit n gos on both Pokerstars and Full Tilt and a 180 player sng on Pokerstars. But overall my results just aren't what I think they should be, especially in cash games. This is the part I cant figure out, I'm a good (profitable) live cash game player, in both 1/2 and 2/5 NLH, but for some reason it just hasn't translated to my online play. I'm not bad at the lower buy in tournaments, but I bleed money in the cash games. I've taken almost two months off from poker, live and online, and done some serious thinking and reading. I've come up with a whole slew of reasons why this might be happening. I could be playing too many hands, I may be having trouble with not being able to see my opponents, I know my bankroll management isn't what it should be, maybe I don't have enough of a grasp on the mathematical aspects of the game (I thought I did), and a whole pile of other possible factors. So that's the purpose of this space, to help me organise my thoughts, keep me honest, and possibly help out others with similar issues.

I know it's kinda cliche, but I play exclusively no limit hold-em. (Its a little bit cliche to have a poker blog these days too though, so whatever) I've considered learning some other games, like pot-limit Omaha. But as part of my little soul searching experience these past couple months I decided that since I pretty much suck (online anyway) at the game I'm best at, it would be completely stupid to not work on my NLH game first.

So that's my plan, and I'll be sharing everything about the effort here. Results from every session I play, both online and live, with notes on important hands and any mistakes or good plays I think I made. I'll also discuss whatever poker books or strategy websites I'm reading, what I think about them, and what advice from them I intend to try to incorporate in my game.

So read along as I try to figure this out if you want, please comment whenever you agree or disagree, and maybe we can all learn from my mistakes. I will try to post session results and notes immediately after the session, which should result in at least a short post being up here every day, though I may skip a day here and there. Longer posts about more complex thoughts and whatever else I ramble about will most likely be once or twice a week. While I plan to try and stay on topic, I know better than to think I will. So be advised that I may get completely away from poker and ramble about politics, work, tequila, women, and various other random stuff, I apologise in advance.

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