Friday, February 5, 2010

Online Donkament

Just a quick post before I run off to my live game. Played the $1 rebuy donkfest on full tilt yesterday just to get back in the feel of playing online after my break. I did ok for my first one back, about 600th out of around 4500. Really only remember one hand I thought I couldve played better. I raised 3x the BB from the cut-off with 99, the big blind was the only caller. He checked it to me on a A 10 6 rainbow flop, I bet out about 2/3 the pot and he called, turn was a 4, he checked and like a complete idiot I checked behind, river was a 7 and he made a pot size bet, I used all my time before I folded and the asshole showed me a pair of 7s. I shouldve trusted my read and not been so cautious, I shoudve bet the turn, I was sure he wouldve bet the flop with an A or 10 and I shouldve been more confident. Oh well, lesson learned. Off to the dog track for some live 1/2 NLH.

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