Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick update

Haven't played much in the past couple days. I've had a kidney stone so I've alternated between being in a very distracting amount of pain and being whacked out on vicodin. Neither of which are much good for ones poker game. Also I've been getting ready for a snowboarding trip up to NC, hope I pass this thing before then. And of course I've been watching the olympics too, mostly the speed skating and snowboard events but some of the other stuff too.

In between pissing blood and walking around in a lovely fog I have managed to get in 12 sit n gos, mostly single table with a couple 18 and 45 players thrown in. I know I really shouldn't be playing right now but I'm actually up a little over 2 bucks to 36.47. My tournament game was a little rusty and I made a couple of mistakes early, but now that I'm back in the groove I've been playing pretty well.

So, 8 more SnGs before I go back to the cash game grind. I should be able to squeeze those in in the next day or 2. I've enjoyed playing tournaments again for a bit. The same silly atc foolishness and really strange/bad play going on, but thats to be expected considering I'm playing the $1 level. I'll post again when I've played all 20 and evalute the situation before going back to .01/.02.

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