Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Because I'm pretty sure bankroll management is one of my biggest issues, and because I think it's probably best to begin this little expiriment at the beginning, I plan on starting with no more than $200. According to all the standard bankroll management advice this means I should be playing no higher than .05/.10, so thats what I'll be playing to start. Also, because the whole point is to concentrate on improving my game I will be playing no more than two tables at a time. I'll be posting the running total with every session post, and if I move more from my live bankroll to online, for whatever reason, I'll post that too.

I still havn't decided whether to just put it in one of my existing accounts (Full Tilt and Pokerstars) or to take advantage of better rakeback and bonus deals elswhere. I'm looking at Cake Poker, Absolute Poker, and Doyle's Room as possibilities. All three have great rakeback and bonus offers and I've read several places that the games on these networks tend to be a little softer than the two major sites. Softer games and a little extra cash couldn't hurt. But again, the goal is to improve my game, so maybe the sites with stronger competition would be better.

I dont know which I'll do yet, but I've got a few days to decide. I'm playing a local bar tournament tonight and will be playing live 1/2 either Thursday or Friday night, so this decision will be made either Thursday or Saturday. In either case I'll post my live results and any relevant thoughts between now and then.

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