Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bar tourney

As I said in my last post I play a local bar tournament on Wednesday nights. I've debated whether or not to keep playing this tourney as the quality of competition really doesn't do much to improve my game. But I keep going because its fun, I get to have a few beers and laugh and cut up and not take the game so seriously. And if you're not having fun then whats the point? In any case 3rd out of 30 last night, stayed pretty card dead and never really saw an opportunity to make a move. Sometimes it goes that way when the blinds go up fast enough to make a 30 player event last 3 hours. No really interesting hands, all just basic tournament stuff. Don't know if I'll be playing live tonight as the weathers supposed to be gross and the games an hour from my house, I may just stay home and read.

In keeping with my begin at the beginning theme for this little adventure I've started re-reading Sklansky and Miller's "No-Limit Hold Em Theory and Practice". This and Super System are the basic foundation of good NLH strategy so this is where I've returned. Just in the first couple of chapters I've noticed several things that I used to do but have gotten away from for whatever reason. Especially putting my opponent on a range of hands and narrowing that range with each new action, and thinking about what range he should have me on based on my actions in the hand. Not sure why I quit doing this as its a pretty basic skill of good poker players. I guess when I'm playing live I can usually get a good enough feel for whether I'm ahead or behind without using this so I've gotten lazy. So this will be the first thing I'll re-incorporate into my game.

If I play tonight I'll post about it tomorrow, otherwise I'll post thoughts about my reading. I'd write a bit more today but I may have overdone the beer last night and I have a bit of a headache.

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