Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little better

Ok. I had a nice long walk around the yard, a cigarette, and a little chat with myself. I reminded myself that I want my opponents to play like idiots because that's what gives me their money in the long run.

Sat back down for a short session and managed to grind back a little over half a buy-in. 286 hands total this morning, bankroll down to 51.76, that's a -5.66 loss this morning, that and last night put me in the red through 1297 hands. Still a really small sample but kinda not fun anyway. That brings my win rate to -0.24 per 100 hands. Still, that's only down 1 1/2 buy-ins from where I started so not really a big deal. I'm taking a nice long lunch for fity cent wing day at Pizza Hut and then maybe I'll play some more this afternoon.

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