Friday, February 12, 2010

Clawing back up, slowly

Played 873 hands today. Once I had good notes on my first two tables I opened up a third, I find it helps me not play as many speculative hands pre-flop and dosnt really effect my decisions post flop. Managed to scrape back up to 46.52 after being down to around 40 from yesterdays disgusting run. So yesterday and today bring total hands to 2949, that's a little over a tenth of the way to my minimum for this level. Hopefully these swings will even out soon and I will actually have positive numbers in my win rate for a change, btw its -0.29 as of right now.

So a little positive progress today anyway. Made back around 3 buyins. I'm staring to get used to some of the crazy shit people do at this level. And I've found a better number of tables for me. All good things. But damn this is frustrating, I should be able to beat this level with no trouble at all. Variance, I hope. I'll hold off on making any judgements about needing to make changes in my game till I hit 25k hands.

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