Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling better, poker results suck though

Yes, I know, I'm a bad bad blogger. But believe me when I tell you I've been extremely sick. And then right when I got my meds n started feeling a little bit better my great grandmother passed and I had to haul ass to New Orleans for a funeral. But I'm back now and feeling much better.

Not much poker to report, and there are precious few bright spots in what there is. I haven't played my local bar tourney in two weeks, and havn't played my regular cash game at the dog track in over a month. I have played online a little, but in retrospect I probably shouldn't have. I had two small cashes in the $1 rebuy, and damn near satelited in to the mini FTOPS main ( 8th out of 500, top 4 got in, damn! so close). Otherwise poker results have been awful, SNGs full of bad beats, and cash games full of me playing like a dumbass, and some rush poker. Don't need to tell you how the rush poker went do I?

In any case my meds are in from europe and I'm feeling much better so barring any more catastrophies I should have some things to write about now, and hopefully they'll be good results.

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