Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Climbing the steps, maybe.

So I had a deep run in the $1 rebuy the other day which brought my roll back to almost even and got me to thinking, dangerous I know. My thought was something like, "I suck at cash games, I'm mediocre at SNGs, but I keep making these good runs in MTTs, maybe I should try some bigger MTTs."
Well the fact that there was not quite 50 bucks in my account made that kind of an iffy proposition, especially since the good ones are all $26 or higher. So I started looking at these step tournaments and decided to try to use them to get myself one or two extra buy-ins to the bigger MTTs. In retrospect I don't think my strategy for the step ones was optimal, I should've played much tighter since fifth is at least a guaranteed repeat of step one. I rectified some of that towards the end and finished up my money at step one more or less even, 5 step2 tickets and a little change. I now have 1 step3 and 3 step2 tickets, making my roi slightly positive so far as that's a total value of 52.10 and spent around 45 starting this little experiment. I guess I'll just have to see what happens with my remaining step2 tickets and whether or not I will have actually gained myself anything when I've played through those.
So far it seems like the step tournaments were at least not a terrible idea, whether or not playing higher MTTs is or not remains to be seen. In any case my meds are working wonderfuly and I've been able to start getting some exercise again so I feel great no matter what happens with poker stuff. Life's not all about cards, really.

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