Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My bad

Wow. Last post a month ago. That's pretty shity of me. Nobody reads this anyway though so whatever.

On the poker front there's actually quite a bit to report so I don't know why I havn't written in so long. Yes I do, I've been busy as hell with other things and chose to spend what little time I did have to play instead of write.
So the whole step thing didn't really work out so well. I ended up with one $26 ticket and did'nt cash in the tourney I used it for. Not sure if the results make it a bad decision or not. I knew what I was getting into variance-wise with the big MTTs though, so if it was a bad call at least I made it with my eyes open.
That's not to say, however, that MTTs have worked out badly for me in the past month. Ive made several nice cashes and am up to $367 from the $75 I put in when my little step expiriment was over. I've made some changes in my tournament game and I've been playing the 90 player turbo KO SnGs on Full Tilt. I feel like these suit my style pretty well and I've been enjoying playing them. If nothing else they're a good place to tweak my MTT game without mistakes being too expensive. Besides the cashes in those SnGs I also had a min cash and bubbled off the final table in one of the early double $5+1 events, I forget what the min cash payed but the 10th was like 80 bucks. So maybe the changes and the different games are working, or maybe variance or karma or whatever is balancing back out from some of the ugly beats I had been taking, hard to say.
On the health front I've had big improvements. I feel probably 90% better and improving every day. Been 9 weeks on one med, considering adding another one to try to get that last 10% but havn't decided yet. In any case I feel much beter and am exercising and eating better too, which helps in itself. Matbe that's why my poker results are better, hard to say for sure but it's got to help at least a little.
I know I've said this before but I'll try to start posting more often, not that it matters since I have like 2 readers but if I'm going to blog at all I should at least post a couple of times a week. So I'll try, but no promises.

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