Thursday, March 11, 2010

OK I'm Back

Haven't posted in a while due to a health problem I've been trying to deal with. I may write about it here at some point but I don't know yet. I've been spending alot of time looking at treatment options and and different ways to get the treatment I need, so I have'nt had much time to play or blog. Plus I feel like shit, so thats a factor too.

Anyway, I've played a few SNGs, with a mix of turbo, super turbo, and regular, and some multi tables, but mostly single table. It's a pretty small sample at this point since I haven't really had much time to play, but it looks to me so far like the single table turbos are where I'm doing the best. So I'll be concentrating on them for a while. Bankroll at 47.08, so I've made a little profit messing around with the different SNGs, hopefully when I concentrate on the ones I'm best at I'll start seeing some real growth, maybe.

I read a good passage in "NLH Theory and Practice" about raising for value and relative stack sizes. No Idea why I never thought about it this way before. It says:
"The shallower your stack, the more compelling raising for value becomes. Put another way, the larger percentage of your stack (or your opponents' if thiers is shallower) a preflop raise constitutes, generally, the stronger your hand must be to make the raise.
If a raise is only two percent of your stack, you need not raise with all your strong hands, and you need not necessarily have a strong hand to raise. If a raise is twenty percent of your stack or more, you should typically raise with all your strong hands and rarely otherwise."

So, essentially, while mixing up your play is good, pay attention to the relative stack sizes to know when mixing up your preflop raises is appropriate. Big stacks, more creative, smaller stacks more straightforward. So thats my poker thought for today.

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